What Is The Difference Between Freelance Translation And Agency Translation?

Businesses across the globe are confused whether to hire a freelance translator or a translation agency services. Depending upon the services you choose you can see the results. First decide on your goals and then select the type of translation services. Freelance translators are those that work independently. They handle the projects single handily. They are their bosses. An agency takes up work on a contract basis, and they have a team of professionals to handle their task. Understanding the difference between these two services is important for any business.

Whether choosing freelance translators or agency translators, there are pros and cons to be analyzed. An agency is the best option if you are particular about quality and speed. Choosing a freelancer can be beneficial if you want to control on your budget but you may have to oversee the work. With an agency, there is no need to double check the work as it is taken care of by the agency staff. They have experts to do the translation, proofreading, and quality checks. Companies that have large translation project to be done have to depend on the agencies to complete their task as freelancers may not have the resources to complete huge projects.

If you give large projects to a freelance translator though they may complete the task on time, these may be prone to errors as there would be no professional proofreading available. Whether freelancer or agency ensures that your document is free of errors. It becomes vital while dealing with legal documents where even a small error may be looked into seriously. Agencies are flexible when compared to freelancers. They also guarantee quality work. The agency conducts a test to verify the authenticity of the translator and hence the work will be of good quality.

While working with an agency if the customer is not happy with the work they are bound to make corrections and provide the best output. It is not the case with freelancers. In most cases there is no accountability for the work done by the freelancer. There is no guarantee for the work. Independent translators do not vouch for their work, and their pricing is inflexible. Agencies, on the contrary, offer standard pricing and they back their work with a guarantee. If you want to save money and are flexible with time, then you can opt for freelancers else it is advised to seek the assistance of agencies.

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